• Cafe Perfecto

    Café Perfecto coffee is an extraordinary single-origin Colombian Coffee grown on the El Socorro family farm in the city of Amagá, Colombia.
  • Charlotte Yoga

    Charlotte Yoga is located at Park and Woodlawn in Park Towne Village Shopping Center offering Power and Hot yoga classes. Our studio has an integrated sound system, large windows and a state of art bamboo floor for a safe and comfortable practice.
  • Star Cleaning Solutions

    Star Cleaning Solutions is an agency specializing in Office and Residential cleaning, serving the Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Established in 2009, we provided services to Large National corporations and small businesses.
  • Meg Allen Yoga

    OMB YOGA ON TAP photo shoot with Meg Allen. This was an amazing photo shoot session. Thanks to OMB YOGA ON TAP for having us come out and get this pics.
  • Sabrina Nixon Yoga

    OMB YOGA ON TAP photo shoot with Sabrina Nixon, Charlotte Athletic Club - Trade & Tryon's. This was an amazing photo shoot session. Thanks to OMB YOGA ON TAP for having us come out and get this pics.
  • Veterans College

    Our Mission is to help U.S. Veterans transition into civilian life by providing them with relevant job-skills training, a supportive social network and a safe learning environment located on a college campus created especially to suit their needs.
  • Stories to Inspire

    Stories to Inspire is a production company that specializes in filming the stories of nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations. We know how to tell stories that "feel" and compel.
    Stories to Inspire
  • The Sky Retreat

    Sky Retreat—the only adventure retreat offering a wide range of activities ranging from the ultimate rush of paragliding to the elegant art of ballroom dancing.
  • Suzanne Bergen Yoga

    Yoga On Tap April 5th / Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation with Suzanne Bergen!
  • The Not So Sexy Truth

    If you are looking for a site to learn how to handle subtle workplace sexism with poise and grace, and have an honest chat about this tricky topic, this is your site.
  • CD Tattoos

    Chris Duarte, Argentinian tattoo artist, living in Charlotte, Nc. Specialize in both styles, Japanese and color Realism style Tattoos. Style, work ethic and overall commitment and dedication.
  • Cavagi Coffee Service E-commerce

    Cavagi Coffee Service specializes in creating professionally managed coffee service programs for companies across North America.
  • Walgreens – Pines Blvd. and SW 184th Ave. in Pembroke Pines, FL.

    OMB YOGA ON TAP photo shoot with Meg Allen Yoga, this was an amazing photo shoot session. Thanks to OMB YOGA ON TAP for having us come out and get this pics.
  • RJM Development Group

    RJM Development Group, LLC was formed in 2013 by Richard J. Magner, Jr. and his youngest son Patrick Magner as a commercial retail development company operating from Maryland to Miami.
  • Josh Daniel Music

    Josh Daniel is a North Carolina singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s passion and enthusiasm are evident every time he takes the stage.
  • Healthy Latino

    Fully in Spanish and designed to meet the needs of the Hispanic community, Healthy Latino is the first digital magazine that addresses issues of health and wellness in the Carolinas.
  • Fresk-o

    LATIN FOODS mission is to produce high quality dairy products of Latin American inspiration and supply not only that ethnic community but also the growing clientele of Canadians Marketplace.
  • Black Diamond Group

    Founded in 2010, Black Diamond Group, LLC, is a commercial, retail, and custom home construction company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, operating from Maryland to Miami.